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Fusion are authorised sellers and installers of the leading CCTV equipment from Qvis. They provide excellent IP and AHD cameras with recorders to match.logo

We recently installed three systems for a customer, They have two sites in Nuneaton and one in Atherstone. We installed a 42″ LCD TV in the office to view all 13 cameras from all three sites on the one screen.


If you want to keep an eye on your home or business then our CCTV installation will do just that. Once installed you can then set up viewing your property from your smartphone, tablet or on your laptop whilst at work or at home. Closed circuit television has been used by the government for many years and is a proven source of security. It is now being commonly used within businesses and our homes…whatever the size it can be installed without costing huge amounts of money.

There are several levels in quality with CCTV. We only believe in top quality from our systems. You want a system that is easy to use, great clear cameras and most importantly…to feel safe! CCTV will not only make you feel safe when you are at home but it will give you the protection needed when you are out.






If your ready to give your property the ultimate security then please call us today on 01827 714004
or 07564 085823. You can alternatively leave us a message at the bottom of the website

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